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Like any self-respecting ancient building, also Palazzo Bontadosi has its own legend.

A special guest of this ancient palace is Zia Giannina. Make yourself comfortable, we will tell you this story.

Giannina was the wife of Luigi Langeli, the man who bought the palace from the descendants of the Cardinal Bontadosi at the beginning of the 20th century. Luigi and Giannina were from Umbria but lived in Rome, where he owned a pharmacy and prepared medicines for the Popes.

After the purchase the two went often to Montefalco for short and long stays, until one day Mr. Langeli was found dead in the back room of his Roman pharmacy, in the arms of a client ...


Aunt Giannina therefore found herself a widow and dishonoured by treason. She was so ashamed of what had happened that she decided to retire to Palazzo Bontadosi without ever leaving her room, the current n. 15. The servants served her meals there and the priest took her communion every Sunday until her death.

Several testimonies, over time, claim to have seen or heard Aunt Giannina wandering around the Palace. We have never had any close encounters so far, but if you want a detailed account of the sightings, ask our staff!