Located in one of the most suggestive squares of Umbria, in Montefalco, Palazzo Bontadosi is a precious treasure chest that preserves the history and traditions of these places.

Whoever arrives in Montefalco for the first time can only be amazed by the beautiful panoramic railings that reveal both the valleys of Spoleto and Assisi in all their beauty. Watching a sunset from these dedicated places it is a unique experience not to be missed! Still you cannot help being enchanted by the narrow streets of the town centre, all converging towards the square, where the Town Hall and the historical residences are located. This is where you find our Boutique Hotel, a 14th century building with a long story to tell. Story that only those who cross the threshold can hear and actually touch.

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The Palace, built in the early 1400s, belonged to the family of the Cardinal Clemente Bontadosi from the end of the 16th to the end of the 19th century, when it was bought by the Langeli, a wealthy family of pharmacists and papal alchemists. The Cardinal made it his residence distorting what had been the original structure of the building. It started from closing the market spaces on the ground floor to create some private rooms, including his study decorated with the grotesques perfectly preserved today. The vault of the study was painted in tempera in the 18th century. Bontadosi also built the central staircase, which still retains the late-Renaissance features. On the first floor, until the beginning of the 20th century, the party hall hosted one of the most famous religious art collections in Umbria.


Like any self-respecting ancient building, also Palazzo Bontadosi has its own legend.

A special guest of this ancient palace is Zia Giannina. Make yourself comfortable, we will tell you this story.



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